Website Design

Cusomer service

Do you want to have a web presence or company e-mail but not sure where to start?

Or has no one quoted a site to meet your specific needs and budget?

Are you spending thousands of dollars annually to print forms that could be posted online to cut costs and improve your business flow?

In today's world an effective web presence is a must for all businesses.   Your website is a window to your company on a global level.   It serves as a 24/7 business card that gives prospective clients their first view of your business.   One chance to make that first impression.   It is available all day, everyday!   Your website is a powerful advertising and marketing tool that should not be ignored.

A poorly designed or poorly functioning website is worse than not having a site at all.   Our goal is to create a professional website that will effectively promote your products and or services to your target audience, to generate more sales, thus bringing more profit to your bottom line.

Whether it is a simple brochure site or an e-commerce solution, our partners at Lotus Petal Designs can build a website that works for you.   Can your prospective clients find your business through search engines?   The LPD web developers and designers can employ Search Engine Optimization to quickly bring business to you.   Their developers and designers are familiar with all major graphics and design applications and can develop dynamic websites utilizing today's internet technologies.

Toni Porter of Lotus Petal Designs has worked with us for years and helped many of our clients.  You can reach her at or  You can also use the contact form on either their website or ours to begin a discussion about the online presence of your business.

Be sure to also check out our web portfolio here.

Hosting and Domain Names

My Com Guys and our partners at Lotus Petal Designs can handle your entire site - including providing hosting at competitive rates.  Customers that pay annually get the best prices!   We can also register an available domain ( to make it easy for customers to find your site.  Have a name that customers misspell often?   We can register multiple domain names to point to your site so customers can find your company, even when they make some typos!   If it can be done on the web, we can make it a reality for your company!

Please contact us to find out what we can do for your company online.

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