Network Solutions and Security

A streamlined network is an efficient one.   We provide thorough engineering, configuring, and implementation of wide area, local, and simple peer-to-peer networks to meet your specific needs.   From file and application sharing to network printing, or data backups, we can deliver solutions suited for you.

Are you taking full advantage of your server's capabilities?   We will implement proper domain policies to enhance your business flow.   Is your mission critical data being properly backed up?   We can set up routine automated backups for peace of mind.

Information Technology is a rapidly growing industry that is constantly evolving.   An efficient running network is a productive one.   Whether you need a network set up, or if your existing system isn’t optimal we can help.   Time is money, and down time costs money.   Our philosophy behind our service methodology revolves around partnership and client satisfaction.   We take more of a proactive approach, rather than reactive.   If your system goes down, and you have preventative measures in place, repair time will be minimized.   We provide the proper Information Technology solutions your network needs.

Is your system secure from hackers?   Don't risk sensitive data being compromised.   If you have an existing firewall, we can analyze the security to ensure proper measures have been taken.   If you don't have a firewall we can assess the situation and implement a secure solution.   Do you wish you could access your system securely remotely?   We can make it happen.

Viruses, spyware, and hackers are very real dangers.   A poorly secured network can compromise your sensitive data.   Are you protected?   We will work with you to assess your risk level and implement steps to properly secure your network and your data.

Our Networking experience spans over 25 years in office environment software and hardware, including, but not limited to:

  • -Medical Systems
  • -Accounting software
  • -Back up software
  • -Misys®
  • -Tiger®
  • -EMR
  • -Compusystems®
  • -MS Exchange Server®
  • -MS Office Suite
  • -Novell®
  • -Cisco®
  • -HP®
  • -Dell®