About Us

Our Office

My Com Guys was incorporated 5 years ago and is 100% U.S. Veteran owned.

My Com Guys started serving the medical and health care industries as a reliable IT solution and has since expanded their services to include Website Development with Hosting, Commercial and Residential PC repair, Wiring, Telephone Installation and Configuration and more.

The development and expansion of My Com Guys into other areas of technology is a direct result of their success serving the medical and health care industries.

In order for us to do this we brought professionals in specific areas together.
My Com Guys wants to bring technology together for you.

Whether you are a cost conscious office manager or a parent concerned that your child is not protected online we are here for you.

We realize how cumbersome it can be working on a PC infected with a virus or setting up a new printer.   If it has a cord or wires, we'll take a look at it and deliver to you an effective solution.

At My Com Guys, we have assembled a knowledgeable and diverse staff to better serve our clients.

We Utilize a Team Approach

We have a team of talented individuals working at My Com Guys.   This allows us to combine the skills of many people with a variety of specialties so that we can find the best solutions to all of your IT needs.